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Thursday, February 24, 2011

another giveaway- wahoo!!

Head on over to Happiest When Crafting's blog to check out her giveaway - she is giving prizes to 2 lucky winners=) Beautiful and bright fat quarters from Amy Butler and Jeanean Morrison. goodluck!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So many give aways - so little time!! ;-)

Who doesn't like free fabric!! Well, if you are lookin' for ways to get some - then I got 2 great give aways for you.

1. Head on over to Sew Happy.Me to check out her awesome blog. And bonus - today's post is about a fabric giveaway sponsored by Look around her site and tell her what you like best about her blog or what you wish was there for your chance to win 19 fat quarters!!! That's a whole lot of fabric!

But, hurry - the giveaway ends tomorrow (Wednesday 2/23) at midnight!!

And .... here's #2:

2. Jaybird Quilts has teamed up with The Fat Quarter for an awesome give away - 7.5 yards of beautiful blues and greens from Michael Miller's Magnolia Lane. Don't you just adore it?? There is a list of rules on the blog - go head over and check it out - you can get up to 4 entries into this giveaway! This giveaway ends 2/24 @ 10PM. Goodluck!!

Leave a comment and let me know if you win! I'd love to know I helped someone get free fabric! =) =)

So many exciting things =)

1. It's officially a snow day from work - which means LOTS of time to quilt! Hmm - to start a new quilt or work on one of my WIP's .... I'll let you know what I decided.

2. I have joined 2 quilting bees and the first person has sent out her fabric!!! You can find a picture of it here on her flickr page. It's one of the ty pennington lines - which is on my fabric wish list! =) =) =)

I love snow days!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Lots of Updates!!

It has been a craft-happy week! And now I have something to show y'all (and blog about!)...

Quilt 1:
Central Park Jelly Roll - by Kate Spain

I already had 2 charm packs of this fabric, but now that I have this this jelly roll I was finally able to dig in and get started on this quilt! (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE! this fabric??) Saturday I spent the day quilting away .... I took up the kitchen and the whole living room floor, ha!

Quilt 2: I've also made progress on the So Charming quilt ... I have about half of the black frames sewn. Once I finish them all I'll be sure to document my progress for y'all to see.

Quilt 3: And the quilt I'm probably most excited about at the moment (but, then again, I love them all!!!) my 3rd quilting WIP -- a precious baby quilt for a little girl due in July ... On top of being a project that should piece together quickly, it's made up of a beautiful soft colored palatte that will be fun to work with.

I bought the fabric from a quilt shop I found on my drive home from NJ this weekend. It was my first quilt shop experience. I was in awe!!! All these fabrics that I usually only see online were right there in front of me to touch and play with!! I ended up choosing some fabrics from the Sunkissed line by sweetwater. I'm so excited to make this. Here are the fabrics I chose.

I also added the green fabric at the top that I'm thinking will be a border fabric and the SO SUPER SOFT pink dot fabric for the backing.

They are calling for snow/sleet in Baltimore ... maybe I'll be lucky enough to not have school - and then I can quilt all day tomorrow! =) I can hope!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

time to scrap

So I'm switching gears on you ... There hasn't been much going on w/quilting because I'm still waiting on my order from (I hope it comes soon!).

But I'm ok w/the quilting being on hold..... because .... I got my new cricut!!

For those of you that don't know the cricut, this is scrapbooker's dream!!! you can pretty much make anything you can imagine! I started working on my honeymoon album. I'll post the pictures of the layouts I have so far. It's been awhile since I scrapped, so I think it took me 3 pages or so to get back into it .... but I'm liking the last several layouts a bunch! =) The beginning ones I'm thinking of as my "warm-up". .... hope you enjoy.

^Title page - not crazy about this layout ... I think I might start this one over ...

^^Love the cricut!! Life's a beach font and wave border

*I got to use my new "grip n' clip" from creative memories on this one!! =)

Can't wait to get more pages done!

(Sorry they are so small, I can't figure out how to make them bigger or how to crop them ... at least not on this blog. I suppose I'll get better at this. Please bear with me in the meantime! )

EDIT: yay!! I fixed the pictures!! They are now cropped and nice and big so y'all can see them! so proud of myself for figuring that out!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Going to Joann's?

Did you see the most recent Joann's coupon - 50% off for this weekend only! I'll be sure to make my way over there this weekend to pick up the white fabric I need for the 2 quilts I'm working on! Wahoo! Of course, that will have to be after my stay at Gramercy Inn. Ben is taking me there tonight for my birthday! So excited!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I LOVE getting mail!!!

So I have the itch to sew again .... right now I have the fabric for the boxes for my family room, but for some reason I'm just not that into the idea of getting all the materials for that project out. I think I want to work on another quilt. The good news is .... between yesterday and today I got a few nice surprises in the mail that will help with this itch ............ (suspenseful pause) ....

3 quilt patterns & 2 yards of fabric!!! =)

Here are the quilt patterns I got:
*When I ordered this I had plans to make a quilt w/it - but then I changed my mind on the pattern ... but it seems like it'll be a fun quilt to make, some day ....

*I am really excited for this one. I started planning - I'm going to use this pattern w/my Amy Butler August fields fabric (which is one of my FAVORITE Amy Butler fabrics, it's discontinued of course). I also just bought the polka dot fabric today - so I'll have to wait for that to come in to get started on the sewing part.

Here is what I have planned so far .... These are the squares I plan to use and their layout. (remember you have to imagine the black frames, white sashing, and border) ...

X-rated (I don't like this name any more than you do!)
*No official plans - but I'm thinking it would look good in traditional/small printed fabric like ...

Here's the fabric that I got:
2 yards of Amy Butler's August Field Pattern: Graceful Vine
**I'm thinking I'll use this as fabric for pillow covers for my family room - it should go perfect w/the print on the wall and the fabric boxes in the entertainment center (well, once I finish making them, of course!!)

So all this mail inspired me to get started on some quilts ... but alas, no fabric to sew ... so I remedied that w/ a nice big order from

I can't wait for my shipment to come in. Along w/the black polka dot fabric for the "so charming" quilt I also bought the fabric to the left. I have been obsessing over this fabric for the past month! It's called "Central Park" by Kate Spain ... I just kept coming back to it on - so I finally decided I HAD to have it! I'll keep you posted once my plans for this fabric as they become more clear. I bought coordinating fabric for the sashing, borders, binding, and backing - now I just need a plan. It's going to be a lot of fun to work with!

Well that's about it for tonight. Of course I still have the sewing bug, but no time left or fabric to sew with... Maybe I'll scrapbook in the meantime. . . . . or read a book......

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My first entry

My first blog post. I feel a lot of pressure to make it a good one ... I'm still trying to figure out exactly what I will blog about ... so stay tuned for more details. At this point, I'm thinking that I will probably write about the adventures I have in pursuing my hobbies. I guess I am thinking of this blog as an experiment. A way to figure out what I like to write about.

So a little bit about me ... I am married and live in Baltimore with my wonderful husband and CRAZY dog! I work in a school as a speech therapist by day. I am fairly creative person and love to learn new things.

In the past year I seemed to have developed a love for hobbies - creative hobbies... and so my list of hobbies has grown to include: backpacking, scrapbooking, baking/cooking, sewing/quilting, knitting, and photography (well, kind of ...) but not necessarily in that order of preference. Hey, maybe I can add blogging, too!

I also love to learn about food/nutrition, read books, & explore Baltimore.

So that is it for now. I'm going to go and try to figure out how to add a photo gallery to my blog - so you guys can see all my latest crafts!

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