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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Baby quilts!!

I love making baby quilts! It's a great way to make a quilt without all the time invested in making a full size version.  But without any little ones running around my house, I don't have much need for them, myself.  So I was super excited when a friend asked me if I could make a quilt for her daughter.  (Plus this also means another sale!!  Which gets me double excited!!)

While trying to plan out her baby's quilt, it got me thinking - I don't think I ever showed you guys the baby quilts that I've already made!  I was holding off on sharing the quilts because they were gifts.  So I didn't want to spoil the surprise ... but since they've been gifted for a LONG time ... it's high time I show you guys.  So without further ado, I bring you .........

  Felix's Quilt ...... "Baby Life"
Fabric = "Happier" ... it is so bright and friendly! you just gotta love it!
Size = 40"x40"ish    Pattern = Baby Life

straight-ish line quilting in a grid pattern
I love it! I think it looks playful!

I made a matching blankie.

I'm in love w/this backing fabric - so bright, cheery, and playful.
It has little bug critters on it!  That little "window" was for the quilt label .
I embroidered his name and birth date on there. =) 
A baby's life: Eat, Play, Sleep, Repeat ...... soooo true! right?!

Kylee's Quilt ..... "Sunkissed Patchwork"
Fabric = "Sunkissed" with pink minky on the back- pretty much the softest fabric ever!!
Size = 40"x40"ish    Pattern = Simple patchwork design w/straight line, grid quilting

the back

a good shot of the quilting

It's impossible to see, but I embroidered Kylee's name on the side of this quilt.

My First Attempt @ FMQ* .... title TBD
*FMQ= free motion quilting
Fabric = "Just Wing It" with Timeless Treasures Fruit Punch border
Size = 30"x30"        Pattern = Disappearing 9 Patch (D9P)

So this quilt came to be because I wanted to play with my new sewing machine this summer.  I finally had a machine that would allow me to free motion quilt - so of course I had to make something with it!!  But ...a whole quilt seemed so daunting!!  So I figured a baby quilt would work out nicely.  Bonus, I had this charm pack lying around w/o an intended purpose.  It was like it was meant to be.  So I whipped this out; and of course, fell in l-o-v-e.  There is no intended recipient for this quilt yet ... I wish it were bigger because I LOVE this quilt! It is so bright and cheery!  And I'm so proud of the quilting!!

Look @ the all that crinkily goodness!!!  Ahh! I just can't handle it!!
the back .... I love text prints!

Up close and personal w/the quilting - isn't it gorgeous!  Not bad for a first timer!

Posting these quilts is getting me very excited to start the new baby quilt!  I love new projects!! =) 

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