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Monday, March 26, 2012

So many exciting things =)

So many exciting things happening in the background of this blog ... Lots of sewing ... Lots of things I can't reveal, yet!  But I can share some things! =)

1. I made my first sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait, let me say that again ... I MADE A SALE!!!! I SOLD A BIB!!!!!

2 super cute bibs, adapted from Curves Class by Stitched in Color
These bibs have gone to their new home .... and that's because I SOLD THEM!!!

Here are 2 more beauties I made.

All in a row!

2. I got a logo!!! =) =) =) 
So now that I made a sale I realized that I needed to put a label on my items ... which required a logo!  Man, that was a much bigger job than I thought it would be!  But I'm in love!!!!! You can see it above in my new blog header - - which leads me to exciting news #3!

3. I got a new blog template!!! 
Also something that took many more hours than I thought possible!  But I am almost in love with it.  There are a few color tweaks I'd like to make, but for the most part it is done.  It is clean and simple looking.

4. I GOT SEWING LABELS, sort of.
Oh man, so after all the work in getting a logo - I was finally able to get labels - which also took much more designing than I would have ever thought.  It has been fun ... I have loved the whole journey ... I am just so surprised at how much time it took!  So there have been some hiccups in getting the labels exactly the way I want them ... but here is a little sneak preview!

In total, I ended up working with 3 different vendors to create 3 different main designs/types of labels and a total of 6 variations!!  That took a lot of planning.  Unfortunately, there were a few hiccups along the way ... but once all the labels come in, trust me I will share many more details and pictures ... because it has been a labor of love!!!

Well that's it for now.  I'm linking up to Fabric Tuesday.  You should go over and check out the other cool things that folks are creating out there!  There's a link below @ the bottom of my page!


Sunday, March 11, 2012


So my goal this year is to be more active w/my blog ... Although it may not look like it to you, the reader - I have actually been pretty busy.  Unfortunetly, it's all been behind-the-scenes type of stuff.  I hope to have this blog back up and running soon . . .

In the meantime - - I feel like I am doing super hard work (hence the picture above).  I'm trying to learn HTML, figure out some organizational things, and other boring exciting housekeeping things.  I know this is easy for some folks - and I admire them greatly - but for me, this is tough stuff!!

Thanks for visiting - check back soon to find a new and improved blog!!! =) =)


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