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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Works in Progress ....

Alright ... so I guess it's time to come clean ... I have a LOT going on in the sewing world ... but that's just the way I like it!  I think this list may be more for my benefit so I can keep it straight ....

1. Quilt Sample ....

I'm working on my first quilt that will be featured in a quilting/fabric store as a sample!! Ahh - some people may not be as excited about it - but I just think this is the coolest thing, ever!!  I feel {almost} famous ... ha, ok there I admitted it out loud!  So wanna see a picture??


This is coming along much quicker than I would have thought - I am hoping to finish this by mid May/beginning of June ....

2. Wheel Quilt
Pattern from Stitched in Color's Curves class.

I first posted about this project here .  This quilt is being made for a co-worker ...I think it looks great so far - and more importantly, so does my friend! =)   I'm pretty proud of my progress so far ... the arcs came together pretty quickly!  I hope to finish this up in the next few weeks

3. Challenge Quilt

Hm - this isn't going so well ... I am {hoping} to enter a quilt into a challenge being run by Seminole Sampler So far, I only have an idea in my head involving circles and a pile of fabric ... it's due June 1st!  Wish me luck!

4. DWR QAL ....

I've made small headway on this project ... 40 of 80 arcs sewn ... I think I'm enjoying the slow pace of this project .... but at the same time, I can't wait for it to be done, b/c I think it is really going to be stunning.

here are my projects that at this point are forever on hold ....
- sundress ... ahh, it's too intimidating to make a garment
- Valentine's Bee Quilt - they look nice - but doesn't seem like the right time of year to work on this
- Snowflake Quilt - ahh, I can't figure out how to pull this one together - I know it can be amazing ... I just need inspiration to hit
-  Puttin' On the Ritz D9P quilt the fabric, but no real purpose for it leaves it in the drawer waiting to be finished

Thanks for stopping by - go check out what all the other wonderful sewists are up to - there is a link @ the bottom of my page for "WIP-Wednesday" over @ Freshly Pieced.  I'm linking up as well.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fabric Tuesday

***disclaimer on the photos - they were taken w/cell phone cameras and/or in a hurry - I always wait until the last minute to take a picture ... as in getting ready to walk out the door to actually GIVE the present! ha. oh well. ***

Oo - I wanted to share this for soooo long! but I had to keep it a secret in case my most amazing best friend happened to read my blog!  So my friend's birthday was in April - but I got the idea for her present in January!! It all started with this Valentine's Day present.  I made cute kitchen towels that were inspired by this and mailed them off to a few of my friends/family.

Valentine's Kitchen Towel

Then I knew I wanted to make her a little something for her house to help her decorate for each holiday ... I didn't want it to be kitchy, though - I wanted to make things she would actually use! After much thought - this is what I came up with!!


modified from The Plaid Scottie's pattern

the back

Ah, I'm in LOVE w/this!  I made one for myself last fall and got several compliments on it when people visited my house.  I love the back, too - I thought it made it reversible, too - bonus!



I wanted to make pillows - something that could last longer than just 1 month of decorating ... I love how these turned out - I kept my friend's living room colors in mind so it would match her couch! =)


scallop bunting from Rachel's Curves Class

This banner serves double duty .... 1. A great way to decorate a house for a party!  Every year, my friend Laura has a birthday party - and it is usually at her house.  So I thought she could put this up to make it more festive.  BUT - she also owns a cupcake business (If you live in Central NJ - you should definetly check out FROSTED ... ooo - delicious!!) ANYWAY ... so she owns this cupcake business ... and so I figured if she wanted to do a craft fair or event - that this could help decorate her table, since I coordinated it w/her business logo.

And that's it - I didn't make anything for summer, mostly because I couldn't think of what to make that she would actually want to decorate with ... do you decorate in the summer?!  what do you do??

Thanks for stopping by! I'm linking up to Fabric Tuesday - go check out what all the other amazing sewers are up to - there is a link @ the bottom of my page! =)


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