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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Baby Giraffes

Earlier this summer I took a little break from sewing ... but boy - am I back in full swing ... and it feels good.

I have lots to update you on ... 

1. I finished my first commissioned quilt - the Wheel Quilt!!  Pics to come soon. 

2. I have started a t-shirt quilt for Miss Kate - my most wonderful SIL who just went off to her freshman year in COLLEGE!!!  (Love you Kate!) All that's left is the basting and quilting (and binding)!!  Pics to come soon. 

3. I started and nearly finished a quilt for a friend ... this is for someone who has been going through a really rough time and needs something soft to cuddle with! This is a secret project - so no pictures until it is good and delivered to its proper owner.

Ok - so what can I show you today ....... BABY GIFTS/PROJECTS!!   Sewing for babies is prob. my most favorite thing to do!  The fabrics tend to be so soft.  The colors are rich ... sometimes bold ... sometimes understated, but always beautiful.  Plus - there are so many fun prints that adults find so ... well, childish.  But man, are they fun to work with @ the sewing machine.  BONUS - babies are small and so is their stuff. So they finish up a lot quicker than full-human-sized-goodies.  

So here are a few things I made today.  They were made without a pre-determined home.  Of course, I always have baby showers to attend - at work and w/friends. So I am not worried. They will find a home.  BUT, if you see the pictures and just need to own it yourself - they can be for sale, too!  

Baby Giraffe Whole Cloth Quilted Blanket 
in flannel and chenille:

Size: 30"x36"
Colors: baby pink, baby yellow, and tangerine 
Backing: soft cream backing


Look @ that cream chenille on the back ... it looks mushy in the photos ... but trust me - it is waaaaaay mushier in person.  So soft and sweet!!!  And the soft yellow and pinks on the front.  Add the text from the straight line quilting and it's a recipe for L.O.V.E.! I cannot get over this.  This is prob. my favorite baby blanket to date!!

Project 2: Giraffe Ribbon Blanket - Pink & Chartreuse
Size: 13"x16"
Fussy Cut giraffe's all in a row; ribbons in bright pink and chartreuse
 bright white soft minky background



I LOVE me some minky fabric.  And I am LOVING these giraffe's.  This is also my favorite ribbon blanket I've made to date.  I like how it pops.  I also love the color combo. 
Ok - seriously, if I had a baby, I would want this stuff. And I'm not just saying that because I made it.  I promise, full unbiased opinion right now.  Ok, maybe I'm a little biased.  But I do think they are cute!  
If you are interested, let me know.  We can chat prices. 

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