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Sunday, March 13, 2011

My First Month of Quilting Bees - DONE! =)

Have I mentioned that I joined some online quilting bees?? Hm, I can't remember.

Well - in case I haven't, here's the low down - - I joined 2 quilting bees - each 12 months long.  They are both "virtual bees" meaning that we all sew on our own (in our own parts of the country) on a montly joint project.  Each month someone is the "Queen Bee".  The Queen Bee is in charge of picking the pattern and fabric for the month.  She will send out fabric and directions to each of the bee members at the beginning of the month.  Once the bee members have finished making their quilt block(s) they will mail them back.  Then the queen bee has 12ish beautiful blocks made by her fellow bee members to sew together to make a quilt!  There are 12 members and 12 months - so everyone gets 1 month to be in charge.  I joined 2 of these - "Sew 2 Speak" and "12 Month Quilting Bee".  I found both of these on Flickr.

Soo - anyway - now that I caught you up to speed - here are the blocks I made ..... 

The gray and green one above is a wonky log cabin block (tutorial by Quilt Dad) made for the 12 Month Quilting Bee.  Without a real pattern, this quilt lends itself to lots of room for creativity and freedom.  not to mention the fabric is so fun!  This was made w/Ty Pennington's Impressions line - one of my many coveted fabrics.  so of course I was v. excited to get to make something w/it.

These pink and yellow quilt blocks were made for Sew 2 Speak.  These will be added w/other blocks to make a "pink lemonade" quilt.  There are all different yellow and pink combinations.  I think this quilt will be so fun when it is done.  I would never have thought to put yellow and pink together - but I think it really works!  I can't wait to see this finished quilt! 

All-in-all this was a lot of fun!  I am eagerly waiting for April's quilt packets to come out!!  But alas, there are still 15 days left ... I'll just have to be patient.

Stay tuned for updates on my most recent completed project - the Central Park Quilt!

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