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Friday, April 22, 2011

it's been too long!

Wow - it has been almost a month since my last post - life has gotten a little crazy around here - - mostly busy work days and out-of-town weekends.  I have much to report, though!

Today I wanted to share the most important thing - - I was awarded the stylish blogger award!!!! I owe a big thanks to Cassey over @ Domesticass for passing this award on to me.  She gave me this award back at the beginning of April, and shamefully I haven't had a moment to blog about it until now.  But - I have to say this doesn't reflect how honored I am!

Let me play out for you how I found out about this - - a v. stressed out me was taking a much needed break from the craziness @ work to read my google reader - (good thing my boss doesn't read this blog!).  Of course Cassey's blog is on my reader - so I read her newest post - I couldn't believe what I was reading .... she had listed ME!! as a recipient of this award on her site!!! I had been watching this award go around and around the blogging world ... and thought it'd be nice to get the award for my blog .... but I never imagined it would actually happen!  So Thank You to Cassey!!!

Ok - so now as part of accepting the award I have a few duties - first - I have to share 7 things about myself:
1. I like to backpack - I'm still a beginner  we've only been 4 times - but one of those times was out to Yosemite - which to those on the East Coast is pretty freakin' awesome!
2. My dream car is a CR-V - I know, most people think of dream cars as expensive, filled with luxury, & sporty - but I just want a car w/4 wheel drive that will fit in a city parallel parking spot and be big enough to fit the puppy {read big 95lb dog} in the trunk space.
3. I'm in LOVE with Baltimore - I have lived downtown for almost 3 years  and have been in the area for almost 6 years! and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this city
4. I'm easily addicted to TV shows - esp. if they are on-demand or netflix - currently, I've gotten into Glee!  Why ...?? I don't know, I can't explain or defend!
5. I wear the same shoes to work every day - - Danskos  - - they are just so comfortable!!!
6. I live 5 blocks from work - - so I walk to and from work {almost} everyday.
7. I have a rooftop deck - - this is the favorite part of my house - - Ben and I eat dinner up there or enjoy a glass of wine almost every day that it is at least 65 degrees.

Now on to the fun part - where I get to nominate some of my favorite bloggers!!!
1. Carly of Quiltville - I discovered Carly after purchasing her pattern - which I modified a bit - you can see a picture of it here
2. Melissa over @A Child of the Wild Blue Yonder is amazing!  Just like me - she is new to blogging - but unlike me she is not to sewing!  She is very talented and generous!  I met her from one of my new virtual quilting bees - the 12 Month Quilting Bee.
3. AJ Dub over @ Harriet Homemaker Strikes Again - I can't say how she ended up on my google reader - - but I love reading her blog posts and wanted to share her blog w/you!
4. The Plaid Scottie - I am pretty sure Kaelin ended up on my blog list after she hosted a month of giveaways for her 1 year blogaversary - who doesn't love a good giveaway!  But I stayed hooked b/c I love her quilts and ideas.  Check her out - and add her to your list - b/c rumor has it she will prob. be hosting a QAL in the near future - for a double wedding ring quilt!!! how much fun!
5. Brooke over @ Pitter Putter Stitch - she is new to my blogroll - but she has some cute stuff on her site!  You should check her out
6 - as a bonus - I wanted to add Sumo's Sweet Stuff blog - b/c this is one of the first blogs I found when I got into sewing 6 months ago - - she makes the CUTEST clothes for little ones!  I know if I had a LO I'd be sure to purchase some of her ADORABLE clothes!  If your interested, you could purchase her treasures @ her etsy store.  So head on over and check her out.

So with all of that information - I will leave you to enjoy those beautiful and wonderful bloggers mentioned above.  Please check back for more updates in my sewing world - there has been some sewing going down and I want to share with you soon!!

Thanks for reading my blog!

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  1. Aww...Thanks so much for passing the award on to me. I've now gotten it from 3 different peeps, but like you haven't taken the time to blog about it yet. Much love to you, and I hope you have a wonderful Easter!



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