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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ciao Bella!!!

As some of you may have noticed I took quite a long break from blogging!!!  July just got away with me!  I was busy with life, fun, family, and adventures (and maybe a little bit of sewing).  And then at the beginning of August I packed and got ready to head off to Italia with my husbands family.  We just got back from close to 2 weeks in one of the most beautiful countries!  But now, back to reality!

I have much to share in the sewing world - some highlights include: a few baby quilts, my first attempt at free motion quilting, my new sewing machine, several bee blocks, among others ... so stay tuned.

In the meantime - while I recover from my vacation, here are some pictures of Italy to hold you over ;-)

Trevi Fountain, Roma, Italy (my hubby's waving!)

Colosseum, Roma, Italia 
city shot Roma, Italia

Arriving in Sorrento, Almafi Coast, Italia

view high up from Capri, Almafi Coast, Italia

On our way to Da Adalfo restaurant for lunch
Positano, Amafi Coast, Italia

View overlooking Positano, Italia

action shot - setting up for dinner in our Tuscan Farm House
*note: the town we stayed in had a permanent population of 3 people,
 and only 8 houses total, no joke!

conferring between cars, b/c we were lost in Tuscany - - a frequent occurance....
....but one that made the trip more of an adventure! =)

countryside of Tuscany, Italia

Momma & Daughter
(my MIL and SIL)

some local Italians sitting around chatting in early evening
San Gimignino, Tuscana, Italia

Venezia, Italia

Italian Sunset in Venice!

Those are just a few of the highlights from the trip!  Bring me back to where the pasta is wonderful, the water is more expensive than wine, and you can eat pastries for breakfast every day!!


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