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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Why hello there long lost blog!!

So it appears that I have neglected this poor old blog!!!  Didn't mean to leave you hanging.  I can give you lots of excuses (busy w/the new school year @ work, my main computer is on the fritz, not much sewing going on, etc. etc) .... OR, I could just start writing again=)  So many things to update you on.

Today, I have to start with some VERY exciting news! I won a give-away!!!! What a nice surprise, too.  I had forgotten that I entered Erin's give-away ... so imagine my surprise when I got home v. late from a long plane ride (and awesome vacation w/the hubby) to see a package on my front step.  Look at this beauty:

*img taken from Erin's blog

A jelly roll!!!! I had been wanting needing a jelly roll for some time.  They make such quick and easy quilts.  But I haven't bought one b/c I have gone over my fabric budget a few months in a row .... so really, this was the perfect prize for me to win!  I literally was jumping UP and DOWN inside my house at midnight after ~6+ hours of traveling when I saw the beautiful new fabric.  

Go on over and check out Erin's blog. She is amazing, really.  She has made so many quilts in such a short time.  Her blog is lots of fun to read and filled with inspiration.  Thanks Erin!!

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