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Friday, February 10, 2012

Sing Along With Me ...

Happy Birthday to Me...
     Happy Birthday to Me ... 
         Happy Birthday to Meeee ... 
             Happy Birthday to Me!

My hubby woke up early and made me an amazingly
healthful and delicious breakfast! I really am a lucky girl!

So, as you can gather from the song above, it was my birthday this week.  And, as my last post stated, my birthday present from my parents was a sewing class.  So I thought it only fitting that I share w/you my progress on my first full week of class!

The theme for the week was: Basic Curves.

- - First Project - a Bunting - - 

hm - the picture doesn't really do it justice - Note to Self: must learn how to take
better pictures to capture true color!
How PERFECT! (Since it was my birthday!)  I LOVE how it turned out - like true love! I think it is actually my favorite colors in a project I've made to date (PS: Ben says I say this for all my projects, but I really mean it this time). It is so bright and cheerful and wonderful!  I hope I get to pull it out and use it for other fun celebrations in the future.  Ok, maybe I should be more honest w/you guys ... it is actually still hanging up and probably will be for at least another week, b/c I'm in love! haha. Bonus - it was the first project I made w/curves, albiet basic curves.  I learned to cut w/o a ruler - and ya know what, it wasn't as scary as you would think ...

Here's the banner w/the birthday girl! (umm, that's me, in case you didn't put that together yet)

- - Second Project - Baby Bib - - 

Unfortunetly I don't have any cute models to show these cuties so you'll just have to imagine - man-oh-man are they adorable! and soft and cozy ... heck it makes me want to wear it ... well ok, maybe not really - but you know what I mean (you do, right?) Aren't they darling?? In fact, they were so easy and fun to make, I made 2 versions - boy and girl!  Now I just need some friends who wants their little bundle of joy to become a model!  =)

- - Third Project - Clamshell Pillow - - 

no, I didn't make this.  This is a picture of the sample from Rachel's blog.
Hopefully mine can look just as nice!
This is the 3rd and final project for the week ... this is still on the to do list. I would like to work on that this weekend. . . bu we'll see how it goes.  Hopefully I'll have a beautiful new pillow to show you early next week.

Now it's time to go enjoy the weekend!!  Come back soon to see what else I've made from my curves class!


  1. Happy happy birthday! I haven't made any projects yet, but I am squirrelling them away for another day. I was going to make a bib but realised I only have pink flannel and my little guy would probably question that when he got older! I'm loving the class though and can't wait to see what Rachel serves up next week.

  2. These look great! I'm too tired to even attempt the bunting or the clamshells... I figure I was doing well to get the bibs done. :) (PS- Happy Birthday!)

    1. Aren't those bibs too cute!! I love them. My goal is 1 project per week - but I had some time, so I was able to do all 3 this week - we'll see what happens w/the projects in week 2.

  3. can you tell us a little more about the curves class and where to find out about it please?

    1. Sure!! I'm taking the online class through Stitched in Color's blog: It is 5 weeks long - we are starting week 2. It is pretty great so far! =) It is sold out, but I am thinking she will run it again. You can probably contact her directly for more questions. Her contact information is on her blog.



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