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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Works in Progress ....

Alright ... so I guess it's time to come clean ... I have a LOT going on in the sewing world ... but that's just the way I like it!  I think this list may be more for my benefit so I can keep it straight ....

1. Quilt Sample ....

I'm working on my first quilt that will be featured in a quilting/fabric store as a sample!! Ahh - some people may not be as excited about it - but I just think this is the coolest thing, ever!!  I feel {almost} famous ... ha, ok there I admitted it out loud!  So wanna see a picture??


This is coming along much quicker than I would have thought - I am hoping to finish this by mid May/beginning of June ....

2. Wheel Quilt
Pattern from Stitched in Color's Curves class.

I first posted about this project here .  This quilt is being made for a co-worker ...I think it looks great so far - and more importantly, so does my friend! =)   I'm pretty proud of my progress so far ... the arcs came together pretty quickly!  I hope to finish this up in the next few weeks

3. Challenge Quilt

Hm - this isn't going so well ... I am {hoping} to enter a quilt into a challenge being run by Seminole Sampler So far, I only have an idea in my head involving circles and a pile of fabric ... it's due June 1st!  Wish me luck!

4. DWR QAL ....

I've made small headway on this project ... 40 of 80 arcs sewn ... I think I'm enjoying the slow pace of this project .... but at the same time, I can't wait for it to be done, b/c I think it is really going to be stunning.

here are my projects that at this point are forever on hold ....
- sundress ... ahh, it's too intimidating to make a garment
- Valentine's Bee Quilt - they look nice - but doesn't seem like the right time of year to work on this
- Snowflake Quilt - ahh, I can't figure out how to pull this one together - I know it can be amazing ... I just need inspiration to hit
-  Puttin' On the Ritz D9P quilt the fabric, but no real purpose for it leaves it in the drawer waiting to be finished

Thanks for stopping by - go check out what all the other wonderful sewists are up to - there is a link @ the bottom of my page for "WIP-Wednesday" over @ Freshly Pieced.  I'm linking up as well.


  1. First of all, your color wheel quilt is beautiful! I love the patchwork wedges. Also, congrats on the quilt shop sample - that would make me feel famous too, I think.
    But mainly - I love that you're using Prince Charming for a DWR quilt. I pieced my first DWR with the same fabric in the same colorway, albeit with a slightly different pattern. They're like quilt twins! It will be fun to see how yours comes together. We'll see if I ever get mine quilted so that I can share it too...

  2. Gosh what beautiful projects, as I scrolled down I saw more and more that I love. I can understand why you would be excited about having a quilt hanging in a store, fabulous.
    Love the colour wheel and the DWR arcs, both quilts are going to be stunning.



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