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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Remember this quilt??  I just posted about it a few days ago ...

well it's time for a confession ... I made this quilt as a gift for a friend .... but .... after it was finished, I couldn't imagine parting with it!  Well, that's not entirely true, I think if I knew I would visit it often and/or if I knew the person who was going to receive it was going to fully appreciate it the way I do ... I could probably of parted with it!

I just wasn't sure what the intended recipient would do w/this quilt - I couldn't bear to have this beautiful fabric locked away in someone's closet only to be looked at once in awhile!  So .... I have decided to adopt this quilt for myself ...

but now - what to do w/this quilt??  It doesn't match my home decore - but as I said earlier, I can't stand to have these beautiful vibrant colors locked away in a closet.

For now it is sitting in my room, at the end of my bed.  But I must find a better home for it because, well, it just doesn't match my room!  This temporary home is not doing any good for the room design or for the quilt!  

I must find answers for this problem though - what to do w/all the quilts you make!  Because - - I LOVE the process of quilting, so I can't imagine not making them.  But then, what to do w/them when they are done if you can't give them up?!

Has anyone else had a hard time parting with quilts??   Where do you put all your quilts when you're finished with them?

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  1. I have redecorated before for lesser reasons....



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