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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fabric Tuesday & My New Fabric Obsession!!!

Yay! It's Fabric Tuesday and I have a post to share!!!  I almost never get a post written in time to share .... today, as luck would have it, I have the day off.  It is bitter sweet, of course ... I have the day off because of the aftermath of hurricane Irene.  Luckily, my home was not really affected.  But many of the other Baltimorians cannot say the same thing.  Many down trees and power outages have forced the schools to close.

For me, though, that means lots of time to sew, blog, and other fun things!! =) =) 

Today, I wanted to share my new obession - ribbon blankets! 
Taggie Blanket
Fabric: "Bermuda Little Birds" from the Urban Zoologie line, lined with aqua fleece
Size: 14.5"x14.5"
Bonus: lots of fun ribbons around the outside.

Why am I so obsessed???  Ohh -- for so many reasons my friends!
1. So many people are having babies, I just can't make everyone a quilt.
2. They are Q-U-I-C-K!
3. The possibilities are endless!!  flannel, fleece, black & white, rainbow ... oh my!
4. They are relatively inexpensive to make!  Which means they are great for people at work - because there is always a baby shower at work!
5. They are C-U-T-E!!!

Since I don't have any little ones of my own, I offered this one up to a friend who has a new addition to her family.  I asked her to be my tester ... for size, shape, number of ribbons, durability, etc. etc.  That way I can be sure to perfect this new found love!

I'm linking up to Fabric Tuesday. You should head on over there yourselves to check out what all the creative people have to show off today.  The link is in my side bar (which may be at the bottom of the page since I'm not an expert in Blogger just yet ....)

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