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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quilt Festival

First off - let me just share that my sewing machine broke.... it was an old sewing machine my mom bought ~15 years ago to hem pants and sew girl scout patches and other simple things like that ... in other words, it was not a quilty friendly machine.

Fast forward 15 years, I announce my grand plans to take sewing lessons and my mom graciously donates her machine to the cause.  I think she was excited to see her machine get more than 5 uses in 15 years.

I have now been sewing 6 months on this machine in which time she has been nothing but cooperative and trustworthy ... but this past weekend that all changed.  The needle still moves up and down, but at a snails pace - - it just became too painful to watch ....  So I was left no choice but to call it - "time of death - 7:05PM Sunday 5/15/11"  

I was assuming this would really make it difficult to post to my blog if I have no projects to show you!   BUT - enter Quilt Festival!!!

There are several sponsors of this event and it is being hosted and organized by Amy @ Amy's Creative Side.  She has asked that bloggers post pictures of their favorite quilt and tell the story behind it ... so without further ado, I bring you my Central Park quilt.

(**I know I recently blogged about this quilt here and here - but I'm not sure that this quilt got its full 15 minutes of fame that it deserves!  I mean, it had to share a post w/another quilt!!!  Thanks to Quilt Festival, though, I have an excuse to show you lots of pictures of my favorite completed project.)

I just LOVE this quilt!!!  
arranging blocks ... 

all pieced & waiting to be basted and quilted!

it's done!! photo shoot up on the roof deck 
look @ the bottom - you can get a peak at the backing fabric, you can also see the scrappy binding
Officially puppy approved

... eventually puppy got bored w/the photo shoot - even when he's bored he's cute, ha.

This quilt reminds me of summer!  It is so bright and beautiful!  This is my second completed quilt and the first time I used designer fabric.  Can I just say, "What a difference!?".  Let's just say that when the fabric arrived in the mail I will not confirm or deny having put the fabric on my coffee table for me to admire and pet ...

I love that I experimented with a scrappy binding with this quilt - and I think that it was just what this quilt needed.  I machine quilted this on a diagonal - so it was also my first time quilting outside of the ditch.  It felt very risky, but well worth it.  I love how the quilting turned out.

As I revealed in my "CONFESSION" post - this quilt was originally made for a friend ... but I learned a major lesson with this quilt.  I will fall in love with my quilts - and then I will not be able to part with the beautiful project if I think it may end up in a closet never to be used - and then I may decide I need to keep it even if I don't have a place for it in my house, either.  So my lesson: only make quilts for those that I know will truly appreciate their beauty.

Thanks for reading yet another post on my favorite completed project! Check out some of the other quilts over @ the Quilt Festival - there are some really talented people out there.  Hopefully my next post can be about a new project - if I can get my hands on a new sewing machine! ;-)


  1. Very nice. Your quilt definitely does have a summery feel. The dark border sets it off well. I hope you enjoy making many more quilts....with fabrics you love and a machine which is pleasant to work with.

  2. Bright and beautiful. The quilt model adorable. Love this quilt.

  3. Beautiful. The border really makes it stand out :)

  4. pretty colors. I love your quilt

  5. Very beautiful quilt! The border color is just perfect for this quilt! Love the scrapy binding.



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